Using Gamification to Engage Physicians With Your Brand

Case Study

The Objectives and Campaign Approach

Identify Knowledge Gaps Among Physicians in Key Markets 

  • Implement quick to market tactic to maximise reach and engagement with brand messaging
  • Leverage two quizzes in related conditions to identify knowledge gaps around diagnosis and management among brand’s target audience 
  • Gain deep insights within key markets to further evolve brand messaging

Target Audience

Ophthalmologists and content consumers of Exudative ARMD content on Medscape

Across Europe (excluding UK)

The Multi-channel Campaign Outline

  • Physicians tested and expanded their knowledge through interactive quiz format with integrated clinical explanations. 
  • Quiz offered exclusive brand placements alongside the quiz to build connectivity between quiz content and brand assets as part of a launch strategy.
  • Insights from the quiz were utilised to identify knowledge gaps and drive future brand messaging strategy.
  • Further engagement with triggered emails sent to quiz participants.

Campaign Impact

Results across two fast fives quizzes within a single campaign

total visits
spent on average per physician
# of questions answered
total minutes spent
average open rate (follow-up email)
average click through rate

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