Custom Launch Campaign Drives Strong Behaviour Change

Case Study

The Objectives and Campaign Approach

Positive Shifts For Familiarity, Perception And Increased Intent To Prescribe

  • Prepare the market for launch with unbranded pre-launch campaign
  • At launch, switch to branded product campaign to drive maximum SOV and rapid awareness
  • Drive understanding of key messages around safety, efficacy and dosing regime

Target Audience

Neurologists across three major regions including Europe, Australia and New Zealand

The Multi-channel Campaign Outline

  • Exclusive Editorial Destinations: 
  • Condition Roadblock
  • Medscape TV

Performance Highlights

Brand touchpoints
Brand engagements
hours spent with Brand
clicks to the Brand website

Immersive Tactics

Virtual Conference Booth

Key Behaviour Measures

Strong behaviour change Across all Key Metrics

Strong Behaviour Change Across All Key Metrics
+21% expected increase in RX Volume

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