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Delivering impactful communication programmes to meet your needs at any stage of the product life cycle.


Medscape Understands What Drives Impact

Our expertise lies in creating effective communication campaigns that deliver positive results. We work closely with you to understand your priorities and use our in-depth knowledge of proven tactics to develop your customised plan.

We developed Medscape’s Brand Impact Formula to help campaigns at any stage of the product lifecycle succeed. By using our Brand Impact Formula, campaigns can increase effectiveness and attitudinal intent to prescribe.

How we do it: our product categories

Medscape has been developing digital campaigns for almost 30 years, making us well suited to be your strategic campaign partner. In order to maximize reach and frequency, we carefully combine tactics into integrated programmes. We offer a broad range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of our members and clients from this perspective.


Brand Communications: The backbone of any brand strategy to ensure frequent and consistent communication.


Brand experiences: Engage your physician customers with a deep brand experience, telling your full brand story.


Exclusive experiences: Exclusively integrate your Brand within Medscape’s award-winning interactive editorial content.


Content creation: Engaging with leading KOLs to create multichannel educational content on behalf of healthcare companies.

What could be included

Branded and unbranded promotion

World’s largest CME provider

Independent KOL content creation

Data insights

Intelligent targeting capabilities

Medscape Machine Learning

Tailored content creation

Guaranteed programme engagement

Omnichannel Services

We help you connect with your target audience at the perfect moment using various channels. With the power of data-driven techniques, we can optimize your approach and offer valuable insights to foster genuine engagement.

Targeting and segmentation

Through our innovative machine learning engine we can help you to target the most appropriate audience for your campaigns. Decide on your audience by geography, specialty or years of experience and/or by content preferences and past engagement with previous campaigns. We can work with you to ensure your messages land to the audience best suited to receive them. Additionally, our new programmatic solution, Medscape Extend powered by PulsePoint, expands your reach beyond the Medscape Global Network, connecting you with verified HCPs across the internet.

Journey-based programmes

By using Medscape’s ICP platform we can align the right message to the right physician or HCP at the right time. By using triggered messaging to HCPs within a custom journey they are exposed to the most relevant brand messages to them.

Tailored content creation

Need help with your content strategy for your own website? Medscape can help with that too. Medscape’s Content Lab provides tailored content strategy support based on real-world insight to ensure you deliver the ideal content mix to drive engagement. From longform articles to video and interactive point of care tools, we can work with you to provide a steady stream of high quality content for your brand site.

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