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Medscape Global

Engaging and supporting healthcare professionals worldwide.

We are the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Engaging and supporting healthcare professionals worldwide

Medscape, a division of WebMD, is a leading, online, global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. Our mission is to improve patient care by providing physicians with easy access to comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to healthcare professionals, as well as facilitating communication between healthcare companies and our active membership.

For almost 30 years, Medscape has been providing education, medical news, expert perspectives, and essential point-of-care drug and disease information to support practice and clinical behaviour.

Our network of sites and services, seamlessly interconnected via single-sign on, ensures that HCPs can access the content required via their platform of choice throughout their daily clinical journey.


network of websites for physicians worldwide (Clarivate: Taking the Pulse® 2022)


specialties are covered by Medscape and it’s members


countries have HCPs as part of the Medscape membership represented within the network

The Medscape Professional Network

The network's benefits

Engage physicians at local and global level

Execute once and distribute in multiple locations for consistency

Single sign on for ease for physicians

Target the most engaged HCPs

Expertise & leadership

Our forward-looking team is composed of experienced, dedicated, and focused professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality, high-performing work to our audience and clients. Furthermore, we are constantly striving to improve technology to support best practice and lead to better patient outcomes.

What our clients say about working with Medscape

I believe a strong partnership always yields the best results and working closely with [the Medscape] team delivers successful outcomes for all parties. WebMD always has their finger on the pulse of the market, keen for innovation and ultimately working together to give our clients high quality engagement and content. Look forward to continuing this relationship in 2023”].

Four Health Media

Great results with the campaign, great project management and brilliant support.


Great team, solid content, good measurement capabilities.


Great response, easy collaboration, accurate deliverables. We would like to continue partnering with Medscape in the future.


[Medscape] was amazing at creating a tailored campaign for everything we need for our product. We have very different segments to cover and it was great to be able to effectively communicate with all of them with our media campaigns within our planned budget.


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