Driving growth in a crowded market

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The Objectives and Campaign Approach

  • Generating an 8.4:1 ROI by focusing on reach and frequency of engagements with branded messaging
  • Increase sales of growth product in crowded market
  • Increase physician familiarity of clinically relevant brand messages
  • Measure future intent to prescribe and model ROI
  • Integrated campaign approach to drive reach and frequency 
  • of engagement among target physicians

Target Audience

Rheumatologists, Orthopedists, OB/GYN, and Primary Care Physicians in 11 key markets in Europe

Campaign Overview

Among target physicians exposed to branded messaging in identified priority markets

Performance Highlights

awareness touch points delivered with branded messaging
deep engagements delivered
engagement on average per physician

Key Behaviour Measures

Campaign positively impacted physician’s brand perception:

in recall of online brand clinical messaging*
in branded awareness*
of specialists and 75% of PCPs were satisfied with the programme
of responders will begin or increase prescribing
in brand market share lift*
ROI**: Independent 3rd party analysis demonstrated positive long-term ROI

*Qualitative study by a third party research vendor. February 2016.
Survey sample: n=102 Non-Participants and n=103 Participants
**3rd party analysis ROI assessment; July 2016. 

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