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30th November 2022

During this year’s Reuters event, Pharma 2022, WebMD CMO, Dr John Whyte discussed the ways in which digital health is growing, and the importance of educating clinicians in the right way to avoid digital fatigue. This report summarises the discussion, gives insight into a recent Medscape physician survey, and provides clinician insights about digital health.

“The global digital health market is growing fast. From wearables to telemedicine, implantable devices, and more, digital health not only has the ability to help advance patient outcomes, but it is helping to make health information more accessible and equitable than ever,” Dr John Whyte, CMO WebMD.

In a Medscape physician membership survey*, more than half of both specialist and primary care physicians stated that digital health technologies are either mostly important or very important to their practice (1).

But in a world where clinicians are increasingly facing digital fatigue, how can we balance the high volume of incoming information without overwhelming already stressed clinicians?

You can learn more about the challenges physicians and healthcare professionals are facing today together with  the solutions and approach needed to help minimise digital fatigue by downloading the full  report